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Does your thesis need Substantive Editing?

Category : Editing
Date : July 28, 2016
For increasing the chances of approval of your thesis, opting for substantive editing is one of the most recommended advices given by editing experts. Unlike basic or intermediate level of editing, substantive editing aims to improvise the overall quality of your thesis. It is intended to fix typos, grammar, poor writing skills, incorrect references, improper […]
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What keeps PhD students jobless?

Category : Education help
Date : July 25, 2016
There is no one who is going to come and help you to get an industry job. If you are doing that, you will perhaps keep waiting for a long time. Taking the situation in your hand is the only way to gear up your career. Remember that your effort is the only thing that […]
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The Misconceptions of Research

Category : Research
Date : May 31, 2016
A misconception or fallacy in research is an error in reasoning or judgment occurred due to mistaken or false assumptions by researcher. Every researcher must be aware of the research fallacies that might adversely affect his hypothesis, results or outcomes of research. For this, we are here describing the two most common research fallacies that […]
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Can we incorporate old sources in our Literature Review?

Date : May 24, 2016
If a thesis has most of the resources, which are more than ten years old, should it be accepted? What kind of difference or problem it can create in the thesis? Ever since, we know the age of the research is of vital importance in the field of sciences as, here the building of knowledge […]
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The probable Interview Questions: continued

Category : Academic
Date : May 18, 2016
Let us take this forward from the previous week where we discussed some likely interview question and the best way to answer them: In the absence of a formal training program, how would you learn the nuances of the profile/ program?: When asked this question, it means most likely that there won’t be any orientation […]
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Tips for Writing in Academic Tone & Style

Date : May 13, 2016
I hope you all understand that academic writing points towards a specific style of expression that researchers adopt to define the intellectual scales of their disciplines and their areas of expertise. As you all know that special features of academic writing consists of various elements like a formal tone, use of the third person , […]
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How to write a good post-doctoral resume?

Category : General
Date : May 2, 2016
Writing a good resume is of course a difficult task for many. A lot of applicants also underestimate the power of a resume, not realising that the resume is the gateway to create the first impression on the employer. An organisation may receive hundreds or even thousands of resume at a point of time and […]
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Repetition of content in thesis: how to do it tactfully

Category : Editing
Date : April 25, 2016
A thesis is a long document and hence completing it poses a lot of challenges to the researcher. One of the main tasks that comes as a challenge to the researcher is that they feel that in an attempt to create such a lengthy document they have m to constantly repeat themselves and also in […]
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What are the non-academic careers that PhD scholars can aspire for?

Category : Education help
Date : April 18, 2016
The scenario around the world has changed rapidly and is further on the process of changing. There was a time when after the completion of PhD, academics was the only option that the researchers had and not many had the courage to go offbeat but over the years we have witnessed a change, uniformly around […]
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How to make your research papers’ online presence felt?

Date : April 14, 2016
If you want your research articles presence to be felt online, you need to be actively involved in the task of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By being actively involved in wanting to create your online presence, you are in a position to have a strong academic visibility and better readership sand citation for your research […]
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