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You can have amazing academic success by just improving your habits

Category : Academic
Date : January 29, 2016
The education process is primarily associated with studies. How much ever effective the teaching methodology be, until you soak yourself into your books there cannot be the effective learning that should be there. If you have good study habits then there can be a lot of difference. Getting into the frame of mind: Remember it […]
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How to ensure you stick to the given word count when writing research?

Date : January 25, 2016
If your manuscript breeds more words than needed, you are making a chore for the reader who has to go through the manuscript. Researchers, mostly the seasoned researchers have ample of information with them and   when they sit to write, they find it very difficult to bring down that information in the controlled word limit. […]
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When is it ok to not include figures and tables in research?

Category : Research
Date : January 18, 2016
It is not necessary that every time you have figures and tables, you have to show them in you document. There are some main reasons to include parenthetical, “data not shown” or its other synonyms rather than adding a corresponding figure or table in the document. What are the main reasons? Positive or confirmatory results: […]
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How to Conclude Your PhD?

Category : Editing
Date : January 13, 2016
It is of utmost importance and value that your dissertation conclusion is not just appealing but at the same time very unique because it has to give a rational and logical view to your specific research topic. Conclusion part being the most significant part of your dissertation, has to give the outcomes and recommendations for […]
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The Modern PhD Students Have Modern Difficulties

Category : Research
Date : January 6, 2016
So you have made up your mind on your PhD and you know pretty well that it requires long hours of hard work and perseverance that should last you few years. But these aren’t the only concerns, there are several other problems faced by PhD students and what they need to be prepared to face. […]
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Life after PhD Needs Retraining of the Brain

Category : General
Date : January 2, 2016
In the last stage of your PhD, you are primarily absorbed into finishing the thing that has been on your mind for what seems like to be the most important journey of your life ever. With what is required and understandable, you have your complete focus into nothing else but to complete our doctoral studies. […]
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