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You Must Know the Rules of Your PhD Programme: Written and Unwritten

Date : August 24, 2015
After when you have finalised your university for your PhD the next best thing to do is to familiarise yourself with the department, institute rules that are general and the ones that are specifically applicable to PhD students. A PhD orientation programme is the best place to do that and often doctoral students are so […]
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Reasons and More to Study for a PhD

Date : August 18, 2015
Wanting to prefix “Dr” in front of your name may not be a substantial enough reason to enrol into a PhD programme. Maybe even the temptation for a better job may not be good enough in itself. A PhD is grilling, it calls for a lot of hard work , long grilling hours of work […]
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The Importance of Writing Skills

Category : Research
Date : August 10, 2015
You believe you know how to write. In fact you are sure of your writing skills from all the previous experiences that you have gained so far. What if now, you are asked to write from your other hand? Not from the one you are used to. Would that be challenging? It would be that […]
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PhD Regrets in the First Year

Date : August 3, 2015
When I completed my first year in my PhD course, I took time to reflect on the year that had gone by. When I started to jot done my achievements and regrets, I had a long list on either side of the column. It made me want to share my thoughts with others. Especially the […]
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