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Repetition of content in thesis: how to do it tactfully

Category : Editing
Date : April 25, 2016
A thesis is a long document and hence completing it poses a lot of challenges to the researcher. One of the main tasks that comes as a challenge to the researcher is that they feel that in an attempt to create such a lengthy document they have m to constantly repeat themselves and also in […]
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What are the non-academic careers that PhD scholars can aspire for?

Category : Education help
Date : April 18, 2016
The scenario around the world has changed rapidly and is further on the process of changing. There was a time when after the completion of PhD, academics was the only option that the researchers had and not many had the courage to go offbeat but over the years we have witnessed a change, uniformly around […]
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How to make your research papers’ online presence felt?

Date : April 14, 2016
If you want your research articles presence to be felt online, you need to be actively involved in the task of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By being actively involved in wanting to create your online presence, you are in a position to have a strong academic visibility and better readership sand citation for your research […]
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Are We Really Available 24X7 for Thesis Editing?

Category : Editing, Thesis
Date : April 4, 2016
Until last weekend, I used to doubt the existence of phrase ‘24X7 availability’ but as they say ‘a good experience helps in letting go all the bad ones’, today I’m overwhelm to say that Yes, they are available 24X7 to help. You guys must be wondering what I am talking about. Okay, let me be […]
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How to find the perfect acknowledgement sample

Date : April 3, 2016
All scholars hope to finish their PhD as early as possible. Lot of obstacles and hurdles come in the way and perseverance is what is required and one needs to hold on to the whip while the storm is at its strongest. After you have crossed all major obstacles and are on the path of […]
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