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The Misconceptions of Research

Category : Research
Date : May 31, 2016
A misconception or fallacy in research is an error in reasoning or judgment occurred due to mistaken or false assumptions by researcher. Every researcher must be aware of the research fallacies that might adversely affect his hypothesis, results or outcomes of research. For this, we are here describing the two most common research fallacies that […]
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Can we incorporate old sources in our Literature Review?

Date : May 24, 2016
If a thesis has most of the resources, which are more than ten years old, should it be accepted? What kind of difference or problem it can create in the thesis? Ever since, we know the age of the research is of vital importance in the field of sciences as, here the building of knowledge […]
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The probable Interview Questions: continued

Category : Academic
Date : May 18, 2016
Let us take this forward from the previous week where we discussed some likely interview question and the best way to answer them: In the absence of a formal training program, how would you learn the nuances of the profile/ program?: When asked this question, it means most likely that there won’t be any orientation […]
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Tips for Writing in Academic Tone & Style

Date : May 13, 2016
I hope you all understand that academic writing points towards a specific style of expression that researchers adopt to define the intellectual scales of their disciplines and their areas of expertise. As you all know that special features of academic writing consists of various elements like a formal tone, use of the third person , […]
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How to write a good post-doctoral resume?

Category : General
Date : May 2, 2016
Writing a good resume is of course a difficult task for many. A lot of applicants also underestimate the power of a resume, not realising that the resume is the gateway to create the first impression on the employer. An organisation may receive hundreds or even thousands of resume at a point of time and […]
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