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Editing Process

The editing process can actually be as important as the writing process when you are creating papers that will help determine the progress of your academic career. While traditional editing typically means simply checking for spelling and grammar errors and the like, academic editing can be much more complex. Add in the fact that no matter how much time you have, you will always feel as though there is not enough, and the margin for error can be large. Unfortunately, all it takes is a small error to disrupt the flow and response to your academic writing, which is why an editor is so important.

Continuity and Coherence

A quality editing team will look for much more than just spelling and grammar mistakes in your writing. Whether you have created an essay, a dissertation, or another academic work, you will find that continuity and coherence are critical. If you have strayed off of the main point of the work, presented conflicting information, or negated your own assumptions, it can have a significant negative impact on the reception of your work. A quality editor will be able to thoroughly check for both continuity of ideas and perspectives and for coherence of the work as a whole.


The quality of your research will be critical to virtually any academic work. Whether you are creating work for potential publication in journals or just for peer review, you need to ensure that your research is sound, well documented, and well interpreted. Working closely with editors can help you ensure that your research has been thorough, that you have documented all of your sources thoroughly, and that you have offered all of the key points of your research to help give your paper the right tone and the best insight.

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Scholarly Speech

While everyone has their own unique voice that comes through in the way that they write, the use of a scholarly manner of speech is critical to academic writing. Personalized speech often creates a sense that the paper is speaking from opinion, whereas a more scholarly approach will present the facts in a way that is not open to interpretation and that is simply more precise. A great editor will ensure the use of academic language and can help ensure that the voice remains the same throughout the document – something that can be hard to accomplish when it is written over a prolonged period of time.

Comprehensive Editing Matters

The simple fact is that when you are looking to present an academic document for peer review or for grading by your professors, you should feel absolutely confident in its quality. You have put in a great deal of hard work and effort writing and creating your document as well as in research, and it is simply not worth the risk that errors in editing should possibly overshadow your hard work and effort. Take the time to consider the amount of effort that has gone into your paper and how much more confident you will feel when you are certain that it is free of structure, flow, and other editing issues.

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