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How Do You Narrow down the Topic of Your Research Paper?

Category : Research
Date : October 28, 2015
The challenge that is faced most commonly by researchers when writing a research paper is narrowing down of the research topic. Mostly the supervisors give a topic extracted from the dissertation theme to create topic but rarely is that topic narrow enough to be frozen as the title of the paper. It surely may require […]
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Why Is It Necessary to Have an Argument in Your Thesis?

Date : October 24, 2015
The objective behind academic writing is to make claims about different things in the world that exist or they should exist. When we talk of PhD work, it holds true here also. Whether your thesis deals with qualitative or quantitative research, it holds true. However, when you make a claim in your ‘PhD thesis, it […]
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How Important It Is to Put Forward Your Claims and Arguments in the Thesis?

Category : General
Date : October 12, 2015
Have you been wondering about the importance of putting in claims in your thesis and their importance? If yes, then your another concern would be that how important and relevant it is to support those claims with substantive arguments so that the reader is convinced. Well we can understand this further by reading the post. […]
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