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Secret Revealed: Know the Key Ingredients for an Impeccable Persuasive Essay

Category : Dissertation, Editing
Date : May 23, 2019
Academic essay plays a crucial role in every research scholar’s life as it focuses on research techniques and lets you develop and organise key concepts in your area of study. No matter how is the nature of your essay, i.e. long/short, descriptive/explanatory, etc, the main aim of this piece of work would be to meet […]
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A Guide to Structure a Perfect Dissertation

Category : Dissertation
Date : March 26, 2019
Dissertation, a structured piece of writing is considered as the first step to a successful PhD.  A dissertation develops logical development argument regarding the research, demonstrates if a scholar is capable of identifying his/ her area of interest, manage the research project, and determines if the scholar is proficient in using the appropriate research tools. […]
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How to Proofread Your Dissertation

Date : April 27, 2018
The process of editing a dissertation is similar to proofreading it whereas the later one is not even close to the function of the former one. While editing deals with the content, structure, and flow of the document; proofreading is word-by-word correction of spellings, punctuation, and grammar. Succeeding the process of writing and editing your […]
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Can we incorporate old sources in our Literature Review?

Date : May 24, 2016
If a thesis has most of the resources, which are more than ten years old, should it be accepted? What kind of difference or problem it can create in the thesis? Ever since, we know the age of the research is of vital importance in the field of sciences as, here the building of knowledge […]
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The Best Dissertation Writing Tips Ever

Category : Dissertation
Date : March 8, 2016
Writing a dissertation is a complex task and calls for a lot of involvement from the end of the writer. So, if you seek to be focused and result oriented when you are writing your dissertation, these 5 tips could be the best tips to ever follow: Get organised and have a schedule to follow: […]
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How to add originality to your dissertation

Category : Dissertation
Date : February 15, 2016
Stay involved: Being involved genuinely in your work, rather more in the issue that you are scrutinizing is the basis for being able to generate original work. When you will exhibit interest and involvement in your work, not only will it keep your motivation level and perseverance high but also help you to bring new […]
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The Best Ever Tips for That Perfect Dissertation Introduction

Category : Dissertation
Date : November 16, 2015
There are some important components in an introduction which cannot be missed, no matter what. Find here those important components that will simplify for you the task of putting up a good introduction. Statement of Purpose: You open up your dissertation with the introduction and it should begin with a clear statement of purpose for […]
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You Must Know the Rules of Your PhD Programme: Written and Unwritten

Date : August 24, 2015
After when you have finalised your university for your PhD the next best thing to do is to familiarise yourself with the department, institute rules that are general and the ones that are specifically applicable to PhD students. A PhD orientation programme is the best place to do that and often doctoral students are so […]
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Reasons and More to Study for a PhD

Date : August 18, 2015
Wanting to prefix “Dr” in front of your name may not be a substantial enough reason to enrol into a PhD programme. Maybe even the temptation for a better job may not be good enough in itself. A PhD is grilling, it calls for a lot of hard work , long grilling hours of work […]
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Does the Fear of Professional Failure Keeps You Glued to Your PhD?

Date : July 27, 2015
Quite recently, it so happened that I encountered an old school friend over Facebook. We both learnt music together and today he has a rock band of his own and quite large a fan following. He travels extensively around the world. It brought in a deep sense of pride within me, to know a person […]
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