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Tips for Doing the Literature Review Right

Category : Plagiarism, Research
Date : July 6, 2015
I have finished and submitted my literature review. it’s been an interesting journey, a combination of varied emotions, stress and a whole lot of procrastination. After summing up the entire process, I would tell you few most important things that I learnt while working over it: Make plans but don’t live with them: It is […]
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The Value of an APA Formatting Consultation

Category : Plagiarism
Date : June 18, 2015
When you get an APA or an American Psychological Association formatting consultation, you can easily avoid plagiarism. It can be difficult to do referencing without consultation since there might be areas, where you might have doubts regarding the referencing formats at times. Getting an APA formatting consultation can help you avoid that. Referencing Referencing a […]
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