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5 tips to proofread your dissertation like a PRO

Writing a dissertation is a long arduous process, and without proper proofreading, your effort can go to waste. Proofreading helps your work that final polish which makes it an intelligent and comprehensible piece of academic writing. Here are the most effective ways for graduate students to proofread their own academic writing. Overall structure The overall […]
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How Editing Converts A Draft to Full-Fledged Dissertation?

Date : November 22, 2017
  Editing is one of the critical issues faced by PhD candidates. While the draft is prepared, it presents the rough structure of the research conducted and is not the final picture. Editing is an activity that simplifies paper and makes it reader-friendly. It ensures the structuring of the draft, appropriate language usage, and methodology […]
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Are you doing PhD for a good reason?

Date : July 10, 2017
Not many students get into the PhD program with a clearly defined goal. Most of the ones who do so, actually enroll themselves without any clarity of why they want to do the course other than the reason being only for the sake of PhD prestige. For them, it is actually a means of escaping […]
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What keeps PhD students jobless?

Category : Education help
Date : July 25, 2016
There is no one who is going to come and help you to get an industry job. If you are doing that, you will perhaps keep waiting for a long time. Taking the situation in your hand is the only way to gear up your career. Remember that your effort is the only thing that […]
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Tips for Writing in Academic Tone & Style

Date : May 13, 2016
I hope you all understand that academic writing points towards a specific style of expression that researchers adopt to define the intellectual scales of their disciplines and their areas of expertise. As you all know that special features of academic writing consists of various elements like a formal tone, use of the third person , […]
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What are the non-academic careers that PhD scholars can aspire for?

Category : Education help
Date : April 18, 2016
The scenario around the world has changed rapidly and is further on the process of changing. There was a time when after the completion of PhD, academics was the only option that the researchers had and not many had the courage to go offbeat but over the years we have witnessed a change, uniformly around […]
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Why Is It Necessary to Have an Argument in Your Thesis?

Date : October 24, 2015
The objective behind academic writing is to make claims about different things in the world that exist or they should exist. When we talk of PhD work, it holds true here also. Whether your thesis deals with qualitative or quantitative research, it holds true. However, when you make a claim in your ‘PhD thesis, it […]
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