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Should you write a joint paper with your supervisor?

Category : Research
Date : March 31, 2016
While you are still a scholar and doing research, a lot of it will be original in nature so it is quite sensible that you try and publish your work, at least some of it, while you are still doing your PhD. It is all the more important to do it now, at this stage […]
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How to eliminate basic grammar errors in your research paper

Category : Editing, Proofreading
Date : March 23, 2016
Editing, we all know is a task that is as important and challenging as writing. It is nearly impossible to have your first draft completely immaculate and polished without any requirements for revision. The objectives of editing are more than what is apparent.  Editing helps to identify or rectify the content in the best way […]
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Do you know the tricks to become more creative, focussed, relaxed and productive?

Category : General
Date : March 13, 2016
Who amongst us would not like to have these traits in our personality? I am sure all of us would like to be more creative than what we are and more focused, relaxed and productive.  Research has proven that just by putting in the effort to develop certain habits in your personality, you can be […]
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The most probable questions in Academic Interviews

Category : Academic
Date : March 8, 2016
Interviews are most of the times, filtering exercises as rarely does it happen that there is only one applicant for the   post. The objective behind interviewing a candidate is to learn more about him and know more about his background so that the selection of the right candidate can be justified. Though there is a […]
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The Best Dissertation Writing Tips Ever

Category : Dissertation
Date : March 8, 2016
Writing a dissertation is a complex task and calls for a lot of involvement from the end of the writer. So, if you seek to be focused and result oriented when you are writing your dissertation, these 5 tips could be the best tips to ever follow: Get organised and have a schedule to follow: […]
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