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Secret Revealed: Know the Key Ingredients for an Impeccable Persuasive Essay

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Date : May 23, 2019

Academic essay plays a crucial role in every research scholar’s life as it focuses on research techniques and lets you develop and organise key concepts in your area of study. No matter how is the nature of your essay, i.e. long/short, descriptive/explanatory, etc, the main aim of this piece of work would be to meet the idea of your research.

Today, in academics, among various types of essays such as expository, descriptive, narrative, compare & contrast, persuasive essay is widely used by the research scholars all over the world. This is so because, a persuasive essay has the potential to convince your reader to believe the main argument in your study. Some of the benefits of writing persuasive essay are:

  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Emphasises persuasion
  • Strengthens your research skills such as summarising relevant research & synthesising data
  • Lets you improve argument by identifying the weak areas

Often research scholars might find it hard to write a persuasive essay. This may be due to lack of knowledge about the structure of the essay or other writing guidelines that need to be followed. To help such scholars, below we have listed the essay structure that need to be considered while writing the essay.

  1. The introduction section -This section must provide sufficient background details about your field of study. Some of the key features that need to be incorporated in this section are: title of the essay, background information of the topic and essay statement.
  2. The body – The body must focus on a specific point in your essay and must consist of all the arguments that support your essay. Every paragraph in your essay should focus on one particular point. Basically, the body of the essay must contain a topic sentence, evidence and few sentences that links back to the initial statement of the topic sentence while developing a bridge to the next point.
  3. The conclusion – The conclusion ties together all the threads i.e. the main points of the persuasive essay. The conclusion section restates the main argument and provide supporting statements to defend your essay topic.

A persuasive essay is based on sound reasoning, relevant evidence, and a thorough consideration of alternatives. To write a persuasive essay in an impressive manner, make sure you follow the below mentioned key elements.

  1. Pin-point word choice –  Effective word choice must reflect the awareness, maintain a tone appropriate to persuasive purpose and must be objective. Hence avoid the use of words that exhibit bias or charged emotions.
  2. Varied sentence structure – Sentences are the building blocks of your essay. One must pay attention to the construction of the sentences and ensure that the sentence developed maintains the flow of writing. If you need any help in enhancing the structure of the sentences, take help from editors offering essay editing help US.
  3. Provide evidence –  It is important to support your argument with data. Use hard facts and verified statistics. You can gather these from your research, observations, or personal experiences. You can also use quotes to strengthen your arguments.

Developing a flawless essay is a mandate to achieve better grades in your academics. If you need any help in refining your essay, talk to editors providing essay editing help US.

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