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Keywords and defining search parameters

Category : General
Date : June 26, 2014
For all the databases, the researcher needs to work out some appropriate keywords which could be entered into the search engines. This allows the person to identify suitable references. A number of business dictionaries helps to recognise the area of research and also identify changes in the language used to describe the subject. For example […]
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Doing your research and analysing the results

Category : Research
Date : June 16, 2014
The researcher should keep records of what is done. For this a research diary proves helpful. If a survey is done by postal questionnaire, the researcher should keep good records of who replied so that it is known who should be sent reminders. If participant observation is a part of research, the researcher should remember […]
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Cross sectional design

Category : Data collection
Date : June 13, 2014
A cross sectional design is a collection of data pertaining to more than one case and simultaneously for the purpose of collecting quantifiable data in connection with two or variables to detect patterns of association after their examination. The cross sectional design is usually called a social survey design, but the concept of a social […]
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Editing and the necessity of knowledge

Category : Editing
Date : June 6, 2014
An editor should possess plenty of knowledge. He should not only be well versed in grammar, but he also needs to have the habit of reading and keeping himself updated on a diverse variety of topics. This is especially true if one has hopes of becoming an academic editor. Such an individual needs to make […]
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Criteria for evaluating qualitative research

Category : Research
Date : June 3, 2014
Cross sectional research measures up in terms of criteria like reliability, replicability and validity for evaluating quantitative research. A cross sectional design basically implies collection of data on more than one case and a t one time to collect a body of quantitative or quantifiable data in connection with two more variables which could be […]
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