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5 Key Tips to Edit your own Thesis

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Date : February 24, 2020

The reason behind coming to our page is probably you want to know more about Editing a Thesis or another possible reason can be that you are in search of a Research Paper Editing Services in the US. In both cases, you are in the right place. Because you might also agree when we say that, the thesis is the base of any research, you want it to be on point. Thus, editing a thesis becomes of utmost importance, because editing a thesis will help you evade the flaws of a rewarding thesis and will make your thesis worth a doctorate level. 

You might get many Thesis Editors in the US, but the service offered by 24×7 Editing comes with an assurance that the work will be 100% confidential and accurate. 

The thesis consists of very important parts or sections and the manner in which it should be presented, you should be well versed with, Here are those sections, have a look:

  • Cover Page/Title Page: This page consists of the title of the research, the name of the author, email address, phone number, etc.
  • Abstract: The first thing you need to check with your guide or professor whether your research paper needs an abstract, because not all research papers require an abstract. The abstract consists of around 100 to 300 words and is a brief of the overall research paper. 
  • Introduction And Problem Statement: What is your problem statement? Does this study bridges the gap between the existing studies? The study you carried is original? A sound introduction is that which states the problem clearly and it should not be stretched unnecessarily. 
  • Limitations of Study: Your study might have some limitations, it might be demographical limitations or technological limitations, you should be specific and specify those limitations and narrow the scope of your study. 
  • Research Methodology: This section consists of some important aspects like, which method did you apply for the study (quantitative or qualitative), Method of data collection, data was collected through interviewing people or a questionnaire was prepared, other research papers were used or not, all such details you need to mention under research methodology.
  • Main Body of the Research Paper: The name itself says everything. This part of the research paper is the most lengthy part. This part involves every argument with proper explanation and it is to be established in such a manner that the person reading the arguments should clearly understand. The arguments should be clear, precise and should not involve meaningless points. 
  • Conclusion: This section of the paper brings every part of your study in a single place, the hard efforts you took to argue all the points and the energy utilized in the entire research period is mentioned, if you are able to argue your points clearly than your research turns out to be successful.
  • Appendix: Appendix contains various tables, graphs, questionnaires that were not included in the main body. This is done with a view to strengthening the argument points of the research.  

The above-mentioned parts consist of your entire thesis, you are now aware of the parts of the sections that a thesis include and how it should be maintained.

Editing a Thesis: You might not want your long hard-earned thesis to be less than your professor’s expectations. Many students might take time to draft the first thesis and the time of submission comes around. In such situations, you do not get time to edit the thesis appropriately. Just finishing the thesis draft and not conducting the editing process may be a bad decision. Thesis is the only thing that will define your entire academic and hard work you did to become a Ph.D. holder, you don’t want to ruin it, right? Follow the tips provided by us or you can always take the help of any Thesis Editors in the US.

Follow 5 simple steps for editing your thesis precisely:

  • Consult: After completing your thesis, consult with a senior or mentor, however, your mentor might not always be free as he/she has other responsibilities too. That’s when you may start looking out for Research Paper Editing Services in US. Such services will help you edit your thesis accurately.
  • Check for grammatical errors: Drafted thesis should undergo a grammatical error check, and overwritten sentences must be waived-off. Such sentences may make your draft a little exaggerated. 
  • Check the Structural Sense: The sections of the paper should be connected with each other. Thesis should be presented in a seamless manner. Look out for things that are irrelevant and remove them.
  • Content Voice and Presentation Style: The tone of the thesis should be primary. Presentation is as important as your thesis, a slight mistake in the presentation may take down your entire work. Thus utmost care must be taken while drafting the content voice and presentation style should match with the content tone.
  • Proofread your Thesis: The final check of your thesis is done by carrying out proofreading. The proofreading step does not leave a single mistake in your thesis as it is conducted with an in-depth and analyzing your content to the core.

You must have displayed hundreds of ideas in your thesis, But the thesis might not deliver as per your professors’ expectations due to lack of proper editing. That’s where stress starts to build up. As said earlier, there are a number of Thesis Editors in US, but we at, 24×7 Editing possess some professional qualities such as:

  • The most experienced company, in editing a thesis, on the web
  • Have handled diverse research papers and are well aware of different fields in research
  • As per our clients’ feedback, we deliver the work on time.
  • Strong team, experts in Ph.D., and a decade in the industry makes us stand apart from the rest.

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