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Top 4 Regression Techniques all the Beginners Should Understand

Date : August 30, 2019
Regression analysis is a statistical technique used for determining the relationships between the criterion variable or the dependent variables with the one or more independent variables. Regression helps to understand the changes in the independent variable due to dependent variables. The uses or the advantage of using regression analysis are trend forecasting, determining the impact […]
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5 tips to proofread your dissertation like a PRO

Writing a dissertation is a long arduous process, and without proper proofreading, your effort can go to waste. Proofreading helps your work that final polish which makes it an intelligent and comprehensible piece of academic writing. Here are the most effective ways for graduate students to proofread their own academic writing. Overall structure The overall […]
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Does the Fear of Professional Failure Keeps You Glued to Your PhD?

Date : July 27, 2015
Quite recently, it so happened that I encountered an old school friend over Facebook. We both learnt music together and today he has a rock band of his own and quite large a fan following. He travels extensively around the world. It brought in a deep sense of pride within me, to know a person […]
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A Hilarious Association to Identify Which Wildly Beast Your Supervisor Resembles To?

Category : Other
Date : May 1, 2015
This big world of academics isn’t any less than a zoological park, as confusing as the big zoo in your area and a whole lot of pointing like in a zoo. Your supervisor could be any of the wild beasts from the zoo and mind it, you need to have the right skill to tame […]
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