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Does the Fear of Professional Failure Keeps You Glued to Your PhD?

Date : July 27, 2015
Quite recently, it so happened that I encountered an old school friend over Facebook. We both learnt music together and today he has a rock band of his own and quite large a fan following. He travels extensively around the world. It brought in a deep sense of pride within me, to know a person […]
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Tricks to Fail a PhD Programme

Date : July 20, 2015
I am sure no one has ever discussed this with you ever. You may have read a lot of tips and ideas for succeeding in a PhD programme. Let us look at it the other way. What actually is a fool proof method or path towards failing in a PhD programme? Sounds bizarre, read it […]
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Blogs Are a Serious Market Research Tool: Would You Agree?

Category : Research
Date : July 13, 2015
Blogs seem like a very casual and informal expression of thought, but they surely are a very useful market research tool in the current times. You may wonder, why I am saying that when there is glut of blogs available online and they do not sound like the most reliable source of authentic informatics. They […]
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Tips for Doing the Literature Review Right

Category : Plagiarism, Research
Date : July 6, 2015
I have finished and submitted my literature review. it’s been an interesting journey, a combination of varied emotions, stress and a whole lot of procrastination. After summing up the entire process, I would tell you few most important things that I learnt while working over it: Make plans but don’t live with them: It is […]
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TMT (Time Management Techniques)

Category : General
Date : July 3, 2015
The skill of time management is a very vital skill. It is necessary in the chosen career as well as during the academic life. The time clocks of people differ from individual to individual. Find here some effective time management strategies to include in your routine. Not all of them may work from everyone. It […]
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