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How Editing Converts A Draft to Full-Fledged Dissertation?

Date : November 22, 2017
  Editing is one of the critical issues faced by PhD candidates. While the draft is prepared, it presents the rough structure of the research conducted and is not the final picture. Editing is an activity that simplifies paper and makes it reader-friendly. It ensures the structuring of the draft, appropriate language usage, and methodology […]
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Are you doing PhD for a good reason?

Date : July 10, 2017
Not many students get into the PhD program with a clearly defined goal. Most of the ones who do so, actually enroll themselves without any clarity of why they want to do the course other than the reason being only for the sake of PhD prestige. For them, it is actually a means of escaping […]
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A Brief Guide to APA Citations and References

Category : Formatting
Date : April 3, 2017
In academic writing, the work of others must always be acknowledged and credited when you are using it in your writing. The way of giving credit to the author is called citing the text. This citation is incomplete without corresponding reference. The reference list is a major component of the document as it is required […]
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Spelling Differences – UK and US context

Category : Formatting
Date : September 27, 2016
When writing a journal, research paper, academic book or an essay, it is crucial to check where you want to submit the paper. Always remember that US and UK English is difference, and so is the pronunciation, spelling and grammar. So, before you start writing, you can need to ascertain whether you are going to […]
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7 Best Online Proofreading Tools That You Must Know

Category : Proofreading
Date : September 27, 2016
Whether you are a professional writer or a researcher-writer, your writing goals should be to produce a piece of writing which has no grammar, punctuation error or improper word usage. While this may not seem impossible, but it is a challenge for every writer unless he is proficient and expert with all rules of English […]
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Why is It Essential That Your Editor Should Be Well-Verse with APA format?

Category : Formatting
Date : August 26, 2016
Statistics have proven that approximately 85% of the dissertations that are submitted for publication, lack compliance with formatting instructions. Writers are generally aware from the initial stage of the writing process that their research work must be in coherence with the formatting guidelines prescribed by the University. This includes paying attention to the layout of […]
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PhD an Escape from Reality

Category : Academic
Date : August 3, 2016
There are very few graduates who are clear about their vision, when getting into a Ph.D. programme. Most of the ones who do so, actually enrol themselves without any clarity of why they want to do the course in the first place. It is a more like a medium of escaping from reality, than anything […]
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Does your thesis need Substantive Editing?

Category : Editing
Date : July 28, 2016
For increasing the chances of approval of your thesis, opting for substantive editing is one of the most recommended advices given by editing experts. Unlike basic or intermediate level of editing, substantive editing aims to improvise the overall quality of your thesis. It is intended to fix typos, grammar, poor writing skills, incorrect references, improper […]
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What keeps PhD students jobless?

Category : Education help
Date : July 25, 2016
There is no one who is going to come and help you to get an industry job. If you are doing that, you will perhaps keep waiting for a long time. Taking the situation in your hand is the only way to gear up your career. Remember that your effort is the only thing that […]
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The Misconceptions of Research

Category : Research
Date : May 31, 2016
A misconception or fallacy in research is an error in reasoning or judgment occurred due to mistaken or false assumptions by researcher. Every researcher must be aware of the research fallacies that might adversely affect his hypothesis, results or outcomes of research. For this, we are here describing the two most common research fallacies that […]
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