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5 Key Tips to Edit your own Thesis

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Date : February 24, 2020
The reason behind coming to our page is probably you want to know more about Editing a Thesis or another possible reason can be that you are in search of a Research Paper Editing Services in the US. In both cases, you are in the right place. Because you might also agree when we say […]
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Difference Between the 3 Most Popular Formatting Styles in Academics

Category : Academic, Formatting
Date : November 29, 2019
Citation Styles MLA APA The Three Popular Formatting Styles | APA, MLA, CMOS In academics, presenting the information in an appropriate manner by using correct formatting styles is as putting forth the key study idea. Quoting, proper citing and referencing the source lets you convey the length & breadth of your study to your readers efficiently. Academia includes various formatting styles […]
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‘Bits’ & ‘Pieces’ of Meta-Analysis: A statistical approach for Combining Data from Multiple Studies

Date : October 30, 2019
With new studies being constantly performed and published, the amount of information is available in a specific domain is overwhelming. Different studies published on a specific topic may provide contradictory theories, resulting in the misinterpretation of the results. But by combining data from individual studies, the accuracy of the results/estimates can be increased statistically. Meta-analysi
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Most Common Survey Errors in Research and How to Avoid Them

Date : September 30, 2019
There is iota of doubt that data is valuable. It offers deep insights into past events and future predictions, making it an essential resource of social & economic understanding. Nevertheless, data can be proved useful only if they are accurate and reliable.  In research, especially in social science field, survey is considered as the best […]
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Top 4 Regression Techniques all the Beginners Should Understand

Date : August 30, 2019
Regression analysis is a statistical technique used for determining the relationships between the criterion variable or the dependent variables with the one or more independent variables. Regression helps to understand the changes in the independent variable due to dependent variables. The uses or the advantage of using regression analysis are trend forecasting, determining the impact […]
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Experts Spill the Beans: Know the 8 key reasons why your dissertation is on way to rejection!

Date : July 27, 2019
Writing a dissertation includes a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. However, penning down a dissertation without aiming to get it published it is like putting in effort in preparing a cake but not baking it. Just like how none can taste the cake, the research community cannot be benefited from your hard work, as […]
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Know ‘Why’ and ‘How’ to Cite Sources using MLA 8th Edition Style

Category : Editing, Research
Date : June 17, 2019
Penning down a perfect research paper, often known as the stepping stone to successful PhD, is a tough row to hoe. For a research paper to be successful, one must include appropriate content, formatting style, and must be free from all kinds of errors such as grammatical, punctuation errors, etc. In the era of information […]
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Secret Revealed: Know the Key Ingredients for an Impeccable Persuasive Essay

Category : Dissertation, Editing
Date : May 23, 2019
Academic essay plays a crucial role in every research scholar’s life as it focuses on research techniques and lets you develop and organise key concepts in your area of study. No matter how is the nature of your essay, i.e. long/short, descriptive/explanatory, etc, the main aim of this piece of work would be to meet […]
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6 Effortless Tips for Editing an Essay Paper like a Pro!

Date : April 9, 2019
Writing an essay is not the only thing that one should be concerned about. One should pay extra attention to the editing process as well, to ensure impeccable writing. A clumsy paper with grammatical and other mistakes leads to rejection. Hence, it becomes a necessity to edit an essay paper. Editing gives you an opportunity […]
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Beware!: 7 Common Myths that Forestall a PhD Enthusiast from Entering the PhD World.

Date : April 9, 2019
PhD degree cannot be accomplished without hard work, dedication and passion. It is a lengthy process and one goes through a lot of distress at many levels during the PhD journey. There are a lot of myths and tales surrounding the world of PhD. Every arduous task carries some myths, which develop over time. So, […]
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