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Institutional Clients

While 24×7 Editing primarily works on academic level papers, our editors also have a great deal of experience working with institutional clients. If your business is in need of experts to help edit your latest research findings or help you pare down a document for publication within a journal or other media, we would be happy to help. Our editors will work closely with you to understand your specific needs and criteria and to ensure that your document meets all of your requirements and expectations.

We are very proud to have institutional clients from leading businesses across the globe. 24×7 Editing is a service that will always strive to meet all of your needs and we want to be your first choice whenever you need document editing and proofreading services. We know that you have a variety of different needs that may be far different than the needs of academic scholars, and our editors are experienced in a variety of areas to help ensure that they are always up to the task, no matter what it may be.

24×7 Editing can provide your business with editing and proofreading services for any style and type of document to help ensure that everything you write is easily understood and well received. Whether you are looking to publish study results or to create an employee handbook, our editing team has the capability to work with you to ensure that everything flows perfectly and that readers understand your intent on every page. Document editing can be critical when creating policies and information to be distributed to employees and clients and you can trust the team at 24×7 Editing to help you create the perfect documents every time.

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