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Writing a High Standard University Essay Is a Five Step Process

Category : Proofreading
Date : November 30, 2015
Question Analysis: In the first step you need to understand your essay falls in which category. Broadly essays can be classified into two categories. Argumentative essays and Explanatory Essays. When we talk of an argumentative essay, the expectation is to justify the academic argument that you are making by using referencing of existing sourcing of […]
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The Benefits and Tips for Using Headings & Sub Headings in a Research Paper

Category : Research
Date : November 23, 2015
Before I start to elucidate on the importance of headings and subheadings, if you want to know it through experience, try this test on a reader who does not know much about your subject and would read with no preconceptions. Get your draft read by him or her and ask him to sequence out the […]
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The Best Ever Tips for That Perfect Dissertation Introduction

Category : Dissertation
Date : November 16, 2015
There are some important components in an introduction which cannot be missed, no matter what. Find here those important components that will simplify for you the task of putting up a good introduction. Statement of Purpose: You open up your dissertation with the introduction and it should begin with a clear statement of purpose for […]
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You Need to Overcome Procrastination. Here Are Some Tips!

Category : General
Date : November 14, 2015
Are you one of those who is overcoming doctoral thesis commitments? It is common to be seen doing all this when you have no one overlooking on your shoulder to check on how much time you are spending on productive writing. But this isn’t reason good enough to procrastinate. It is tough to remember this […]
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Critical Thinking Is a Skill to Be Learn for Researchers

Category : Research
Date : November 4, 2015
A thinking and self-directed person one must learn to develop own responses to other people’s ideas. Accepting other people’s ideas is a careless way of handling things and one must learn to be a critical thinker. Often students make judgements on first impressions or gut feelings but always remember there is a consequence to each […]
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