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Does the Fear of Professional Failure Keeps You Glued to Your PhD?

Date : July 27, 2015

Quite recently, it so happened that I encountered an old school friend over Facebook. We both learnt music together and today he has a rock band of his own and quite large a fan following. He travels extensively around the world. It brought in a deep sense of pride within me, to know a person if his calibre and for him. He managed to excel in the field he was passionate about. In retrospect, I was never passionate about doing a PhD. I rather wanted to be a sportsperson. Along my academic and professional journey, I landed into a doctorate programme. I wondered, that if I do not get my PhD degree, do I have a worth? This feeling I guess, has become my biggest motivator and driving force behind finishing my PhD and sailing through the darkest of hours. But I often wonder, if this approach is the right approach. To think that the other person is in better shoes. Or only because he is famous, he has more self-worth? I never aspired to be a musician. And I never had it in me to be an athlete, though I dud pursue it as a hobby and quite passionately.

My sincere suggestion to all PhD scholars that do not link up your worth with your degree. With or without your degree, you are valuable and worthy as an individual itself. Do not remain glued to your PhD because of this fear. It would become a reflection in your personality. Rather, take it up as a challenge that you are capable to overcome and a step forward in the ultimate goal of every person’s life. To endeavour towards learning better and knowing better.

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