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A Hilarious Association to Identify Which Wildly Beast Your Supervisor Resembles To?

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Date : May 1, 2015

This big world of academics isn’t any less than a zoological park, as confusing as the big zoo in your area and a whole lot of pointing like in a zoo. Your supervisor could be any of the wild beasts from the zoo and mind it, you need to have the right skill to tame that beast. So maybe this could be a handy guide for you to identify what beast your supervisor resembles the most to. Have fun and get trained!!

Mammoth: A mammoth, since the times of early humans has been identified for good memory and if your supervisor is the one who hasn’t missed on to even a single anecdote and is wise beyond being compared. May be you have an elephant in your kitty. Remember, most often their trumpets do not make much sense.

Piranaha: They always give you that strange “O” like mouth looks. It is so amazingly uninviting even for a meeting that has been planned pretty much in advance and once you are in there they are all set and ready to attack like the Piranhas’. You can’t tame them. However safe they look they are dangerous and you cannot take their silence for their consent.

An Eagle: They just cannot be seen coming but they are always watching. Hovering over and checking on your performance. This category of supervisors can figure out inactivity from the farthest of distance. They like solitude and love admiration. So that’s you key now. Hope you got it.

A Swan: The peace loving types who find happiness in their own structured routine. They are mostly fond of humming tunes so subtle that you can’t hear them. Sometimes you can’t even hear what they are telling you and nod your head in affirmation. They stay away from dangerous members and often seek refuge in safer locales. Those who do not like controversy and are often away from controversy are the Swan category. They can be enticed with a lot of appealing scheduling.

These are only few if the hilarious illustrative of supervisors. The list is endless and you are indeed free to keep adding to the list with more comparisons and experiences. May be next time we could hear about a python or a cheetah in this big academic zoo. Have fun in this exciting journey and keep away from pointing fingers.

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