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How to make your research papers’ online presence felt?

Date : April 14, 2016

If you want your research articles presence to be felt online, you need to be actively involved in the task of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By being actively involved in wanting to create your online presence, you are in a position to have a strong academic visibility and better readership sand citation for your research papers. If your SEO techniques are tried and tested higher ranking can be attained in the search results and every time there is anyone types a keyword or phrase that you have used in your paper, the link to your document would open up.

All the search engines have their own set of algorithms that look for information that is on the basis of phrases, keywords, Meta data that are a part of your document. If you are able to modify your words in accordance to that, it is not difficult to create a better indexing and ranking by showing your link as the result for anyone looking for information that is provided by you.

As you are on the path of creating academic information, the use of popular key words can be taken care of. Google can be of help here also as it offers to you a key words tool which helps you to select key words that you can include in your title, throughout the document, in the sub heads, abstract. If your relevant key words are placed appropriately, it is more likely that the search engine won’t miss on to your link and you rank becomes higher in their search engine results. It is also a good idea to scatter those selected keywords throughout the document. Make sure you just scatter them and use them at relevant places. Too much of use of key words may just kill the quality of the document.

It is always better to have short and unique titles for your research papers, if the scope of your paper allows you to effectively add another key word in your title, it may double up your chances by increasing your audiences manifold. You must use the key words tastefully so that the relevance of the document is not lost and the quality isn’t diminished.

Lastly, if your citations are placed well it would also help to improve your ranking and in addition some effort towards SEO is also required. These basic and simple techniques can surely increase the chances of you getting found online.

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