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Are We Really Available 24X7 for Thesis Editing?

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Date : April 4, 2016

Until last weekend, I used to doubt the existence of phrase ‘24X7 availability’ but as they say ‘a good experience helps in letting go all the bad ones’, today I’m overwhelm to say that Yes, they are available 24X7 to help.

You guys must be wondering what I am talking about. Okay, let me be clear and tell you the story of my failure and success. I, Aria Hastings, research candidate at Yeshiva University, New York, was born and brought up in Dubai, which kept on reflecting in my academic journey. I came to New York for my doctorate, as per the whole world I’m a New Yorker but the lag in my English writing and speaking capability was making a huge difference. I’m a naïve when it comes to English writing and speaking, so you can understand writing academic English is a nightmare to me, even then I somehow tried to jot down my thoughts and research findings. But, as assumed, I got a call back and the trouble began.

Though I was feeling devastated but giving up wasn’t in my list. So, I started looking for help from someone who could edit my thesis like his/her own. After spending two corresponding weeks looking for help, both from the friends and professionals, I felt they are of no use. They were giving excuses like holidays, out of station, money issue and the quick turnaround. I again, left with no choice searched the internet for a professional editor’s help. The list was unending and it was difficult to pick up the one to go with. After going through all their policies, I managed to find a one that seemed decent enough.

They were well established in editing business and as claimed, they had managed more than 5k projects, so I was pretty convinced with their response and gave a green light to them. But, as sweet distant drum, I was chasing them to get an update on daily basis but they only responded after two days with zero work progress. With such tactic, they wasted my two months and I was left with nothing to submit. I asked them to refund the money but as expected they were adamant and refunded only 30% of the amount.

This was the time I lost all hopes and started crushing myself for being a naïve. Fortunately, a close friend of mine insisted me to go with 24X7 Editing, claiming that they are best at what they do. With my back to the wall, I felt like giving them a shot. I spoke to their customer representative and narrated the whole scenario. She assured me to provide the edited version of my thesis in a week with regular updates.

I was doubtful, but they proved me wrong. Yes, the editors at 24X7 worked real well on my thesis and made my dream come true by providing the unmatched quality work.

  • I got prompt replies every time I raised a query.
  • The quick editor allocation system was very impressive and they allotted a dedicated editor for my thesis within 30 minutes.
  • I wasn’t the one who was chasing this time. In fact the team of 24X7 editing was chasing me for review and comments to proceed further.
  • Even though there was thanksgiving around the corner and holidays were going on, I didn’t feel at all that they were holidaying.
  • Commendable turnaround time.
  • I got updates on daily basis, so I felt relaxed to prepare for my viva.
  • The deadline was met efficiently and effectively.
    And I got the quality work done.

What else could I ask for? They were always there to clear my doubts, resolve my issues and patiently handle my paranoia regarding the thesis work. Not only did they understood my requirements but also fulfilled then on-time.

They are the perfect example of 24X7 availability and I feel confident after taking their help.Much thanks to the team.

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