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How to find the perfect acknowledgement sample

Date : April 3, 2016

All scholars hope to finish their PhD as early as possible. Lot of obstacles and hurdles come in the way and perseverance is what is required and one needs to hold on to the whip while the storm is at its strongest. After you have crossed all major obstacles and are on the path of thesis submission, you may get stuck with writing the acknowledgement. It may seem like too simple a task and of course it is relative to the previous challenges that you have overcome, however it is important as it forms an integral part of the first few pages of the thesis and it should be as impeccable as possible. A lot of scholars look for examples when they have to write their acknowledgement and you may often get stuck as to where can you find that perfect sample to aid your writing of the acknowledgement.

Here are a few tips to find that perfect acknowledgement sample:

  1. You could search specific examples on Google search that could be linked to your university or college to find examples of acknowledgement of previous graduates from you university. It would give you a fair idea in terms of what is your institute or university wanting from you in a more specific way.
  2. Some researchers are also interested in having a dedication page along with acknowledgement page, if you also decide to do the same then when you are sample hunting, you must keep in mind you choice and hence the subsequent pattern to be followed for that part of the paper. The internet may flood you with options when you start looking for acknowledgement samples, but it is important to find out the reason for which that acknowledgement sample was created. That should match with yours and then only would it become an appropriate sample for you to refer to.
  3. It is also important to check here that from the dissertation you are choosing your sample has been received well or no. if the dissertation, overall has got a good response, it becomes an excellent example to help you write.
    If you keep these few tips in mind when you are searching for an acknowledgement samples, you would be easily able to find the most appropriate and suitable example and make you overcome this last but significant milestone in writing your thesis much more easily.

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