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The most probable questions in Academic Interviews

Category : Academic
Date : March 8, 2016

Interviews are most of the times, filtering exercises as rarely does it happen that there is only one applicant for the   post. The objective behind interviewing a candidate is to learn more about him and know more about his background so that the selection of the right candidate can be justified. Though there is a lot of subjectivity involved in the selection process, some of the most expected questions in academic interviews can be:

Why has this specific field been your choice?

Have you thought of a career in this field? And what is the expected level of your commitment to this field?

What interests you in research specifically at the moment?

It is the most common and expected question in research in the present times and your answer to this may lead to further questions ahead. Be prepare with your answer here with good knowledge and understanding of terminology and jargons that are a part of your interest area of research.

Where do you see this profile as a part of your career goal?

How long do you plan to stay in that position and what is your level of involvement and commitment going to be can be determined by how you are able to justify the importance of the position in your career goal. Remember that interviewers always prefer to invest in long term candidates who are focused to stay.

 Who has been your best and worst boss?

These are tricks to know whether you have an extremist nature or you are more neutral and accommodating in your approach. Demonstrate that you have a more professional perspective and you have the ability to work alongside tough as well as lenient people.

What kind of feedback would your co-workers give for you? 

Give a very mixed response here. Not the types where you show that you don’t care at all and not even the type where you are a people pleasing kind of a person. Find few adjective that relate to your personality and also suit the profile for which you are applying.

What has been your most significant accomplishment so far?

Talk of only the professional accomplishments such as publications, conferences, seminars or workshops. Do not use it as a platform to showcase your personal achievements.

Hope his helps you to deal better with the interview that you plan to face next. In the next blog we will bring up some more probable academic interview questions.

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