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The Best Dissertation Writing Tips Ever

Category : Dissertation
Date : March 8, 2016

Writing a dissertation is a complex task and calls for a lot of involvement from the end of the writer. So, if you seek to be focused and result oriented when you are writing your dissertation, these 5 tips could be the best tips to ever follow:

Get organised and have a schedule to follow: When you are organised, needless to say that you would work faster and have more effective results. Not only that, you wouldn’t get bogged down with irrelevant external distractions if you have a schedule to follow. When I say getting organised, I mean:

  1. Having a tidy and uncluttered space to work
  2. Setting goals that are specific and realistic at the same time
  3. Keep all the stuff you need for   writing and research handy and easily accessible

When I say you need to make a schedule, this is what I mean you should be doing:

  1. Give yourself a deadline and live by it
  2. Break down bigger challenges into smaller and manageable tasks that can be accomplished and measured on daily basis and give you a sense of achievement

Pick up your writing pace: To begin with, stay committed with writing every week,   even if it isn’t much, make sure it is relevant to your research. Write in time span of one hour at a stretch before you move ahead with a break. Take a short break after every hour to rejuvenate and get your brain back on the track. When you are writing, do nothing but writing. You can keep revisions for later lest they derail you from your concentration and focus. Remember the corrections are steps that can be left for a later stage.

Alter your attitude:  your attitude is going to reflect in the quality of your work. Keep reminding   yourself that taking up the PhD is your choice and   all this hard work that you are putting up will eventually going to give you a feeling that you haven’t felt before. Stay away from negativity and if it work for you, small little rewards on the way is a great idea.

Have round of editing and revising:  A lot of writers neglect the most crucial part of research which is editing and revising.  Even if your research is the most ground breaking and brilliant, if the writing is not immaculate and has hints of being sloppy nobody would want to read it. Keep editing a revising till the time you feel completely satisfied and see no further room for improvement.

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