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Do you know the tricks to become more creative, focussed, relaxed and productive?

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Date : March 13, 2016

Who amongst us would not like to have these traits in our personality? I am sure all of us would like to be more creative than what we are and more focused, relaxed and productive.  Research has proven that just by putting in the effort to develop certain habits in your personality, you can be enrich and enhance your ability to do all this and much more.

Unfortunately, academia is full of myths and believing in those myth makes it difficult for us to trust our own potential to be better than what we are.  If we believe these myths, we would always be entangled in the trap of believing that others are better than us or some people are born talented and others are not. Firstly, you must believe that these myths work in the reverse direction of productivity and consequently a lot of academicians stay away from achieving the goals they have set for themselves. Do not become a victim of these myths. This is the first thing to know of. And once you decide that you would not believe these myths, all you need to do s practice in what you think are your weak area and learn the strategies that can help you to become more creative.

Always know that creativity is inhibited in the presence of stress, frustration and frazzled attitude. So even if you don’t believe to this now, it is a fact that creativity can only come when you decide to limit up the amount of hard work and pressure you are going to do. All those people whom you consider as seasoned writers and seem very creative, focused and productive to you are actually not like this from the very beginning. The skill must have developed over the years and the best part is that all of us are equally capable of developing that skill. Just practice and hone around the way you do work.

Developing new ideas, which is at the core of academia, requires being creative. Your ability to tap into your creative potential is severely limited when you are frazzled, stressed, and overworked. Thus, although it might seem contradictory, being productive requires setting limits on how much you work.

Some of the strategies that will really help you to less stressed, more creative and more productive are:

  • Regular and consistent work
  • Unwind in between
  • Stay in the company of nature
  • Meditate regularly
  • Get regular exercise
  • Connect with people and socialise

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