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The Modern PhD Students Have Modern Difficulties

Category : Research
Date : January 6, 2016

So you have made up your mind on your PhD and you know pretty well that it requires long hours of hard work and perseverance that should last you few years. But these aren’t the only concerns, there are several other problems faced by PhD students and what they need to be prepared to face. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Apart from the pressure of doing a PhD, modern PHD students are saddled with the PhD supervisor related problems. Your university wants you to succeed and for that it may create pressure on you that you may find challenging to sustain. Supervisor related problems can be many and of different variety each. Ranging from “not available” supervisors to “not cooperative “supervisors to “incompetent supervisors” the list can be endless so be prepared to have a unique or a distinct variety of supervisor to make your life not to easy.

The next kind of difficulty that scholars these days face is to be able to begin writing. If you also face so, the way out can be to start writing that aspect of your dissertation that you find easiest and simplest to do. The way to get clarity in writing is to actually write and nothing else. The more you write, the more clearer you will become. Even if some of your writing turns out to be redundant or not up to the mark, getting disheartened is not the way as always remember it is a part of the learning process.

Unclear, vague and foggy writing becomes a very difficult task for beginning dissertation writing for writers. If this is your problem, don’t sit back but still continue to write. Gradually things would take shape and you would be surprised that things would begin to take shape and even if you have to rewrite some content, you would find it much easier to now get the clarity in expression.

These days many of the universities do not give a concrete structure to the student for their dissertation. If you feel so with your university, ask your supervisor about your concerns specifically. All the more important here is to be able to determine a clear structure of your dissertation with important components such as hypotheses, methodology and techniques known pretty well so that all kind of ambiguity can be kept at bay. Your supervisor should have his consent on this surely.

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