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How to Conclude Your PhD?

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Date : January 13, 2016

It is of utmost importance and value that your dissertation conclusion is not just appealing but at the same time very unique because it has to give a rational and logical view to your specific research topic. Conclusion part being the most significant part of your dissertation, has to give the outcomes and recommendations for a specific research work. If you fail to produce a very appealing and attractive conclusion chapter, you send across the message that you have not succeeded in analysing the research in an effective manner or perhaps you lack the proficiency in dissertation writing/editing.

Being almost the last leg of your dissertation, it has to give a vivid understanding of the research analysis and interpretation in light of the proposed hypotheses and literature review. In the chapter, you have to highlight clearly, the derived research results and hypotheses and justify them in a very accurate manner. However, more than that, the conclusion should include the pertinent recommendations, limitations and strengths for every issue and also include relevant support as well. Give an overall view that highlights the topic and also bring up limitations, specific or general, that you faced during your research that are based on sample size, design, questionnaire, availability of sources or anything of similar likes.

It isn’t mandatory that your dissertation conclusion is very long or elaborate. But it has to surely be sufficiently informative, relevant, vivid and comprehensive so it portrays your individual views and rational perspective towards the research topic.

It is also important that in your conclusion, you give a precise summary of your research and then proceed towards the other sections of recommendations, strengths and limitations.

A trait that is essentially specific to a conclusion is that it should have precise and crisp information about n the facts that are part of the formative chapters. Be careful that you don’t have to elongate the conclusion irrelevantly. Refer to the questions that you have highlighted so that the validity for the same can be proven. It is the only chapter in the thesis that gives you the freedom and scope to put up your personal thoughts and it becomes a platform to showcase your knowledge and rationality on the topic.

Remember that your conclusion should be so connected to your thesis that it should look like a carry forward section of your research analysis and reflect your results in a very concise manner.

Refrain from including in fresh ideas in your conclusion chapter stay around to only what you have dealt with in the preceding chapters so that each and every statement is a reflection of your study without creating any ambiguity.

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