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Life after PhD Needs Retraining of the Brain

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Date : January 2, 2016

In the last stage of your PhD, you are primarily absorbed into finishing the thing that has been on your mind for what seems like to be the most important journey of your life ever. With what is required and understandable, you have your complete focus into nothing else but to complete our doctoral studies. It is difficult to think at that point of time that, “what next?” Life after PhD is not the same. It is very different and you need to change the tuning of your mind to be able to sustain that challenges that a post PhD life would throw at you as they would be a complete contrast to what you would be facing in your PhD journey. You need to develop an attitude and cultivate traits that help you to survive and also flourish in your post PhD phase. A mistake that most of the scholars make and repent later is what I suggest you shouldn’t make. When you are in the last six months of your PhD tenure, start to gradually switch into the requirements that your post PHD life would expect from you. Know that the education environment is very structured and it keeps you very focused. The concrete pattern of functioning that academics has forces toy to perform without many interruption and distractions. This is surely a very demanding effort but doesn’t help much in enhancing productivity when you are in a job which has a different set of challenges and pressure and the environment is not as structured and planned as it was in the academia.

The transition that your PhD is going to put you through is going to be quick and fast paced. You have y to know how to embrace without much delay. You must know the way to present yourself to the hiring community, know the means and ways to negotiate for a good salary, benefits, perks and along with that work in an unfamiliar place which demands a lot of professionalism from a scholar suddenly, even if you are in your probation.

You may have forever had a dream job that you wanted to be in, during all your education life but be prepared and wire up your brain that it your d dream may not necessary materialise. In the last leg of your academic journey start to train your mind for the new set of challenges that may be completely different from what you hare habituated to during your PhD.

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