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Beware!: 7 Common Myths that Forestall a PhD Enthusiast from Entering the PhD World.

Date : April 9, 2019

PhD degree cannot be accomplished without hard work, dedication and passion. It is a lengthy process and one goes through a lot of distress at many levels during the PhD journey. There are a lot of myths and tales surrounding the world of PhD. Every arduous task carries some myths, which develop over time. So, it’s not surprising that the PhD degree is also subjected to few myths. It is essential to be aware of such myths so that it doesn’t harm the motivation and capabilities of a student who wants to enter the PhD world. Some of the common myths are:

Myth 1: You have got to be intelligent to conduct a PhD

One of the most misleading myths about PhD study is that it requires exceptional intelligence and that only a small number of remarkable people can achieve a doctorate. A PhD degree isn’t an intelligence test; It’s a research project. The main reason for a successful research is not student’s intelligence but is merely a student’s persistent work/ effort.

Myth 2: You should be knowing everything about your research field before starting the research

A PhD is a study in itself. Although having a basic knowledge pertaining to the research field is must, it is not mandatory to have an understanding about each and every concept in your research field. However, if you are not aware of the basic concepts, fret not, there is always a room for learning.

Myth 3: Grades do matter

The role of grades changes with each educational level. It is not mandatory to be a topper or an extraordinarily outstanding student to get a PhD degree. After all, A PhD degree isn’t just about the grades. It’s about persistence and passion. If you are determined to earn a PhD degree, you can surely get it.

Myth 4:  Acquiring a PhD is life long process

Getting a PhD degree is not a lifelong process. The time taken to get a PhD degree is based on a range of factors, such as fundings, Institution/ country in which you pursue your PhD, type of PhD: Part time PhD or full time PhD, capabilities of an individual and the nature of research topic/ field.

Myth 5: You should spend day and night in the lab

It is not necessary to spend your entire day working at lab. Your supervisor won’t expect you to conduct experiments in lab for long hours. More working hours doesn’t equal more work, in fact, longer hours usually leads to worse results, lower productivity, and poor health.

Myth 6: No other career option available other than being a scientist/ inventor

It is false to associate PhD degree only with science. Although it is true that most PhD degree holders go out and become successful inventors or scientists, it is necessarily not the only career a student can opt after obtaining the PhD degree.

Myth 7:  Hardly have time for yourself

One of the important lesson a PhD degree teaches you is to how to manage the time efficiently. Though you will definitely be busy studying for a PhD, you can still make some time for you to have your life your way!

To conclude, do not let go your dreams by falling prey to the myths surrounding the PhD degree. PhD is definitely hard but isn’t something which cannot be achieved. Focus on your goal and strive hard to achieve it.

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