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How to write a good post-doctoral resume?

Category : General
Date : May 2, 2016

Writing a good resume is of course a difficult task for many. A lot of applicants also underestimate the power of a resume, not realising that the resume is the gateway to create the first impression on the employer. An organisation may receive hundreds or even thousands of resume at a point of time and amongst that big lot, for a particular resume to capture the attention of the prospective employer, it is necessary that it should be impressive and attractive.

To be able to produce an effective resume, you need to be following certain guidelines:

  1. Your resume should be the platform to document your employment history and along with that your educational background, skills and qualifications and along with that your accomplishments. It is a reflection of what you are and the way to convince the employer that you are the apt candidate for the job.
  2. You should ensure that the resume that you submit must have relevance with the position for which you are applying. Whatever information that you produce in your resume should very specifically pertain to the position that you are applying for. It may not be of any help to incorporate hobbies and personal interests.
  3. One important thing to remember is that the recruiter will barely spend few minutes looking through your resume. If you make a very lengthy resume, all the important information would get lost in the extra information and the limited time that the employer will spend on your CV, chances are that he may not be able to see the important information. If you want to convey your skills to the Employer, especially the ones you think are specific to the job then put that information on the top as it will draw the attention at the quickest. How much ever be your prior experience and other details of your skill set, the ideal length of the resume is not more than 3 pages. Remember the best resume is the one that is succinct and at the same time comprehensive.
  4. Make use of more active language and the terminology that you choose should also be decided very carefully. Sometimes in an attempt to impress the examiner, one tends to use too many adjectives to exaggerate the information. Show your proficiency but do not blow your own trumpet. The resume isn’t a platform to do that.

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