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The probable Interview Questions: continued

Category : Academic
Date : May 18, 2016

Let us take this forward from the previous week where we discussed some likely interview question and the best way to answer them:

  1. In the absence of a formal training program, how would you learn the nuances of the profile/ program?: When asked this question, it means most likely that there won’t be any orientation or training program for you. If you got to face such a situation, you got to give your response as a worthy blend of confidence and humility. You cannot know everything, so asking questions is perfect at the same time you have to exhibit self-assurance, to show that you would be able to figure out things on your own as well.
  2. What has been the biggest setback of your life and how did you face it?: Do not cook up stories here, it is possible that you don’t have a significant failure in your life that you can talk about so you can candidly put across that you have been a fortunate soul so far and at the same time because of your well – planned approach to life, and detailed pedagogy, you have been able to have a smooth sail so far.
  3. What do you see as the biggest challenge in your life in near future?: having done some recce of the environment and place around is always a good idea to be able to answer questions like these better. You must have some fair idea about the position, profile, and other aspects so that you know what to speak. Don’t forget to close the answer by stating how much you love opportunities that bring up challenges in life.
  4. Why do you think you have the perfect fit for this profile? : This question certainly comes in interviews, in some or the other way at some or the other time. You have to insist that you are not just academically suitable but also a perfect blend of dependability and confidence that keeps you ready to take up any challenge upfront.
  5. Do not give mugged up answers: Prior preparation is always helpful and vital, but it is not suggestive that you prepare your answers so well and learn them in a way that they don’t look spontaneous. It would just have the reverse effect after putting in all the hard work. So be cautious here.

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