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You Need to Overcome Procrastination. Here Are Some Tips!

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Date : November 14, 2015

Are you one of those who is overcoming doctoral thesis commitments? It is common to be seen doing all this when you have no one overlooking on your shoulder to check on how much time you are spending on productive writing. But this isn’t reason good enough to procrastinate. It is tough to remember this consistently, but it is also very essential at the same time that your PhD is your time to grow and flourish and finish the work you have set out to do. Recognizing and accepting this fact, it is half the battle won. However, it isn’t that easy. The first thing that you can do is to setup a reward system and give credit to yourself for small little accomplishments you earn for yourself during your doctoral thesis. Psychologists world over have agreed that positive reinforcement, particularly by the way of a reward is the best way for modifying human behaviour. Give yourself short and easy to accomplish targets and reward yourself for each little target that you accomplish. It may so happen that you may not be able to produce results every time you sit to do a task, however, it is important at this time to not let your attention divert at this time to others tasks as once it gets absorbed into other tasks that are unrelated to your thesis, it may lead you nowhere. Have you intention ready that even if nothing productive may turn out, for the stipulated time span you would try to do nothing other than work that is related to your PhD. As you are in the process of implementing these techniques, remember that it isn’t necessary that you would produce the final product at this stage. It may also happen that what you write now may get discarded completely at some later stage. This is completely ok and it doesn’t mean that you feel defeated in your endeavour. The main job here is to trigger the writing engine to get started and once this is done, you get over the hump of the so called” writer’s block”. It is necessary that under no circumstances, your fears and anxieties should come in the way of your job. As long as you just continue the task of just writing whatever comes in your mind, at a later stage, you will be able to make constructive revisions and improvise the quality of the document. Once you have the draft in place, guidance and help can be sought from peers and mentors as well.

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