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Writing a High Standard University Essay Is a Five Step Process

Category : Proofreading
Date : November 30, 2015

Question Analysis: In the first step you need to understand your essay falls in which category. Broadly essays can be classified into two categories. Argumentative essays and Explanatory Essays. When we talk of an argumentative essay, the expectation is to justify the academic argument that you are making by using referencing of existing sourcing of literature. In the other category, the call is to give a thorough explanation of the process or topic and give support to it with references. Before proceeding further, the writer must understand what is being asked for in the topic or the process you are dealing with. Some clue for the same can be taken from the task words that are there in the question such as discuss, argue, analyse, compare, relate, and identify.

Draft the essay plan: It is necessary to create a draft of your essay plan before starting the research. This is the second stage and here it is where you would get the direction of your research and make it easier to write. The essay draft would be an elaboration of your topic/ question of research and the current knowledge that you have on the topic. It is natural and very much acceptable for the draft to be of basic standards as your level of detailed knowledge isn’t much at this stage and in the subsequent stages, as you expand your knowledge the level of the essay would enrich by itself.

Implement the research: Do an organised research and conduct it in the same fashion as you have planned in the draft in the previous stage. Then you need to pen down your research. Take the essay plan, which was your rough draft as a guide to organise your research.

Finalise the plan and create the draft: By this stage you would be having more detailed and thorough information on your topic than you had in the initial stages. You would have discovered more things in your area of research by now and it is the time and the stage to incorporate that more detailed knowledge you have acquired into your essay and improvise the quality of your document.

Document editing and elimination of errors: You need to be having an additional skill of editing and proofreading and along with that the patience to do it with complete perfection because it is very critical that the presentation of the work is as good as the quality of the research that you have undertaken. If you so feel that you lack the competency in our dissertation editing and proofreading, taking professional help here would help you to ensure that you work is polished, well written and presented as per expectations.

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