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TMT (Time Management Techniques)

Category : General
Date : July 3, 2015

The skill of time management is a very vital skill. It is necessary in the chosen career as well as during the academic life. The time clocks of people differ from individual to individual. Find here some effective time management strategies to include in your routine. Not all of them may work from everyone. It would be a great idea to begin with, to evaluate how your current time is getting used.

Some basic strategies:

Prioritize: There will be a lot of things you would have to do in your life. Not all tasks would be equally important.  Find out how urgent the tasks are and get on with doing the high priority tasks first. Shed out the tasks that are time wasters.

Precision:  Pen down your tasks as specifically as possible. Note the word pen down here, write down your tasks.  For instance, rather than just saying that I would do some research analysis this week, write down specifically that you would do problems related to T test in this week. At least 3 of them

Break down the tasks:  feeling overwhelmed with a great chunk of tasks at hand is not uncommon. Don’t get bogged down, the trick is to break big chunks of work into smaller pieces. It becomes easier to move along with the tasks if they are broken down into smaller pieces.

 Build up the environment: the external environments and the tangibles work greatly towards the productivity we draw from the work we are doing. Find a suitable place for your work and do not leave scope for excuses so keep all things necessary and accessible.

Develop a schedule: stick to a routine and it will be simpler to extract out the best from self. It is not wrong to say that we all are creatures of habits. Believe in it.

Checks and Balances: From time to time, check the output with your objectives and do that balancing act wherever required.

Reward yourself:  it works, trust me it does!! The temptation to see your favourite TV show, a dinner or your favourite meal or even an ice cream can work as   great motivators. Do remain loyal worth the rewards you commit to yourself. Do not cheat and see the work sailing through.

Have you any comments or questions pertaining to this or even another opinion on my strategies; do drop in a few lines.  We can always improvise.

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