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Why Choose a Professional Editor for Your Dissertation?

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Date : February 25, 2016

As a research scholar drafting a dissertation, you face a multitude of challenges right from choosing an appropriate, unique and interesting topic to presenting the full and final dissertation in front of learned masters of scholarly skills. In this exhaustive and rather strenuous process, it becomes a tedious task to constantly maintain a balance between the perfect amalgamation of ideas and their representation with the help of quintessential use of language. It is precisely here that the role of professional dissertation editing services becomes pronounced.

The reasons for hiring a professional editor for your dissertation are manifold, but just to state a few dissertation editing services:

Are boon for students having English as their second language?
Chinese or South East Asian students may not be able to represent their brilliant ideas with perfect language. Most universities award a relevant fraction, as high as 15-20 % of the marks based on the use and command of English language. Professional editing services not only help in ensuring the fact that they aren’t marked low merely due to the imperfections in their language but assessed for their research skills, analytical abilities and their potential of coming up with ideas of substance.

Involve multiple editors

Most professional dissertation editing services consist of a team of varied editors, from different professional and academic backgrounds. Due to this, there is a good chance your thesis will undergo multiple rounds of editing and hence will turn out to be one with supreme quality.

Aid in working with tight deadlines

Since professional editing services have many editors on board, work on your project can be started immediately. Professional services are well prepared to deal with highly expedited deadlines. Turnaround time for a project editing could be as high less as a couple of days. This would ascertain that you get a flawless and professionally edited dissertation.

Critically evaluation

Even if the editor is geographically dispersed from you, the use of internet calling or telephones makes staying in constant contact with each other, a much easier task. You can easily take help from the editor, from time to time and seek guidance in matters of concern as well.

What else can professional dissertation editing services give you?

Perfection with experience

It is quite likely that you will be able to rope in an editor from a similar professional or academic background to edit and proofread your work. In this case, he or she would have already handled a vast number of dissertation projects. Professional editors know exactly what assessors want to or do not want to see in a dissertation. Thus, hiring a professional would make a predominant difference in the grades you fetch.
Privilege of sample edits
Most of the professional editing services offer free sample edits to their clients up to a certain article length. Only once you are satisfied with the level of editing work they do, you can pay for a full-length dissertation editing. Even in this scenario, you do not have to commit to purchasing any of their services, and it becomes your call.
Track changes for improvement
None of the changes made in your dissertation is going to leave you clueless. Changes made are usually in a specific mode wherein your mistakes are highlighted, so you have better clarity as to how the changes are being made by the end of this process.
Mock Juries and Peer Review
Many professional firms offering dissertation editing services provide their clients with a mock jury for their research dissertation wherein the company’s professional peer reviewers give an impartial feedback of dissertation. Such an honest feedback would help you resolve any issues that might still be prevailing which will speed up your process of getting approvals from the actual panel of evaluators.

However, there are a few things one must research carefully before hiring a professional dissertation editing service since they do hold a lot of value once they have a role in your academic career:
Ability of the editor
The fact worth laying emphasis over here is that editors are not machines; they are humans who work subjectively. It, therefore, becomes imperative that you know whether the editor is well versed with academic writing and is not just a general writer who happens to know only a few basics. It is important to study the editor’s academic background and professional area of expertise. For example, an editor having expertise in medical research may not be the best choice for a management dissertation project.
Expertise of the editor
This, in other words, can be put on the editor’s experience in not just writing, but also in proofreading and editing works of other scholars. This includes a number of projects that have already been handled by him or her, knowledge of various referencing styles and formats like APA and expert writing skills.
Editing speed or time effectiveness
This refers to the total time taken by the editor to accept the raw piece of work, fully edit is as required, proofread it and finally return the finished project to the researcher. If the need of the hour is to stick to a tight deadline or get work done as quickly as possible so that the rest of the tasks in the pipeline such as jury or panel discussions are carried forward smoothly, then this becomes an important factor in decision making.
Cost effectiveness
Editors are a highly qualified pool of workers, and it is evident that their skills cannot be out rightly cheap; however, it is important to perform an informed research as to how much value is the editor going to add to your work and if it is worth the fee being charged.
Ethical and permissible
Lastly, it is of utmost importance to consider if the editor is ethical and moral in his or her ground and does not make any incorrect usage of work that essentially belongs to you. For instance, they must not use your work to claim it as their own or immorally hand over the work to anyone else.

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