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When would the examiner tear apart your thesis?

Category : Thesis
Date : February 28, 2016

You have put in your blood and sweat into your thesis and you have got results after putting in lot of toil into doing your analysis. But still you are anxious that the examiner may just tear apart your thesis.

Well, if you want to be really sure that this does not happen to you. Here are few things you need to be very particular about:

Deceits:  When you have fabricated results and tried to camouflage and cover up major problems by deceitful means, be sure that the examiner would notice it and it be a reason strong enough for him to tear apart your thesis. Lying about your research is a strong temptation to hasten up work and finish it off quickly but remember it is not a temptation that is worth it.

Irrational content:  so many times writers pretend to show expertise in a subject they m ay know very little about. When you try to appear like you know lots about something when you actually don’t know, it becomes evident to a seasoned person as your supervisor and surely very annoying. It is always better to go in only that much depth of a topic that you can handle.

Plagiarism: If you attempt plagiarism in your thesis, you are at risk all your life, even after your degree gets awarded because whenever it would get disclosed, your degree would be at stake. Paraphrasing is a task, understandably so you must ensure that you spend enough time in writing the things in your own words.

Wrong interpretation of other’s work:  it is imperative that your thesis is going to have content that is other’s people’s work and the findings from their work. You would have to use that work as reference to back up the arguments that you want to put up in your research. It is very important for this to be sure of what is the implication of these references because if you misinterpret them, it won’t be taken well by your supervisor.

Unfamiliarity with recent developments: Even if you aren’t an expert in your area of research, it is expected of you to have some knowledge in your area of research beyond that of a complete novice. If you don’t have that, it will surely not reflect in the quality of your document and put off your supervisor rightfully.

So, if you stay away from these basic concerns and are honest and faithful about your work, don’t worry things will be ok and nothing would be able to stop you from doing your work.

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