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What Plans After Your PhD?

Date : September 29, 2015

Going through a strenuous experience of PhD, most often scholars do not have a post PhD plan. It’s like after that long and tedious journey, you may just find yourself standing at the same place and doing the same job. There is a lot of subjectivity involved in what to do next after your degree as there cannot be one common plan for everyone. I have even seen some research scholars being adamant on not continuing in the academia after the gruelling journey. Of course there are more options and opportunities outside the periphery of the academia as well. So here we can briefly list down some alternative career plans that you could pursue after your PhD if you so do not want to be associated with the teaching fraternity.

All those PhD graduates who are employed beyond the academia are seen involved in professions where their specialised skills can be put to use. Most often PhD grasuates are soon engaged in some of these professions:

  • Consultants
  • Higher education teaching professionals;
  • University researchers;
  • Clinical psychologists;
  • Education psychologists;
  • Other researchers;
  • Medical practitioners.

It is often a cause of concern and worry to graduates as to how do they search for jobs that are beyond the academia. Building networks and trying on social media are some of the very good options. Sharing your opinions and expertise with likeminded people would spread out positive word about your knowledge and skill level and open up many doors for you.

You need to be deliberating to sell your PhD to employers in a way that you emphasize how your PhD is going to be beneficial for them. Some of the key skills that doctoral students nurture over the years’ experience, apart from their academic knowledge is

  • Self-motivations
  • Focus
  • Effective communication skills
  • Creativity in thoughts
  • Problem solving

Attempt to find ways to sell your these skills to the employers  that you have enhanced during your PhD so that you appear as a more suitable candidate than others and not an overqualified candidate who has landed in the place more by chance and not be choice.

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