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Step by step guide for proofreading your thesis

Category : Proofreading
Date : October 8, 2014

Before you submit your thesis, it is extremely important to spare some time in proofreading it. Proofreading your thesis will eliminate your chances of getting rejected because of silly mistakes or losing out on valuable marks. Many students do not consider the importance of proofreading and submit their dissertation without checking it even once. Before you even start writing your thesis, you must make a time table wherein you dedicate time for each chapter of your thesis. Towards the end, spare two or three days extra to proofread your thesis. You might complete it in one day but it is better to have some extra days as a back-up.

Your proofreading guide:

  • Start by taking a print out of your thesis and sit in a calm place with a red pen. Do not proofread on your computer since you will be compelled to rely on your writing software.
  • Read every letter, every word carefully in your thesis. If you want, you can also read each sentence backwards. This helps in eliminating errors that you cannot find out when you read a complete sentence. Many times, you read it like you think it in your mind and therefore, there are chances of missing out on certain errors. If you read it backwards, you can immediately tell the problem in the word.
  • Check for punctuation errors. While writing in a hurry, many students tend to misplace their punctuation marks or miss them totally. Check each punctuation and ensure you haven’t missed any.
  • Next, move on to reading paragraphs. Ensure that every paragraph makes sense, it has the correct sentence formation and it flows seamlessly without having any breaks in the middle.
  • Finally, check all your work on a plagiarism checker to ensure that it is original.

Proofreading your thesis correctly will go a long way in getting you good grades. Good luck!

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