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Selecting the right editor for your work

Category : Editing
Date : August 23, 2014

Although the writer might have done an excellent job in preparing a report or a book, it is the editor who makes it more beautiful and presentable. No work has been excellent without an editor and it is mandatory that a professional editor has to work on the report before going for submission. In the case of publishing houses, no company wants to experiment with a new writer and always requires an editor and proof reader to go through the work and often suggests the writers to hire an editor for their work. In case of students submitting a dissertation or a thesis, the one step that no one should forget is to get the work edited.

An experienced professional editor sits with you and asks the writers’ view before editing. The editor must realize that he is putting forward the writers’ ideas in a way that is understandable by everyone including a layman. A professional editor must interact more with you to understand your ideas and relation between the ideas and writings. Also it is better to choose an editor who is familiar with your field of study. This helps in removing the miscommunication and other kinds of stuff. The editor must also be compatible and to make sure get a page or two edited by few of the professional editors. Most of them do it for free of cost or few of them charge very less for that. Apart from all these trust your editor while explaining your idea and aim of the report.

Before all this just sit down and evaluate what kind of editor you need. Request some sample edited pages from few editors. Learn more about the potential editors by interacting with them. Once again do not choose an editor based on the fees they charge. Look at their previous experience and work and then choos an editor based on your requirements.

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