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Scheduling styles for scholars

Category : Research
Date : February 8, 2016

Research is supposed to test your time management skills as it is nearly impossible to complete your course without actually scheduling or completing events. However, if you are too much into planning your day, it can actually have long lasting impact on your wellbeing.

There can be two kinds of scheduling styles. There are one kind of scholars who work around the clock and are called as clock timers and the other are event timers. The scholars who are the in the category of being clock timers work according to the time table they have set for themselves and they only work according to the clock which even means leaving the work undone or half done, if the clock so demands. However, the other category of scholars are such who get so engrossed in their work and do not leave their task until it is completed despite whatever time the flock might show. Both are completely contrast styles and the kind of style you follow depends on your personal working fashion but also primarily upon the culture of your country and followed by others around you generally.

What your scheduling style is between the two actually determines the amount of control you would be able to have on your surroundings and your work. Your doctoral study will expect you to live by a lot of deadlines and those deadlines might keep changing and if you are clock timer then you may feel incapable with a revised or shorter deadline to meet and if you are an event timers, perhaps you would feel more in control of the situation and leave no stone unturned to make sure you meet the deadline because the clock wouldn’t matter much to you.

This isn’t it, as there is more to it. Your scheduling style also determines your overall wellbeing because of your control that you exercise over the situation. If the control lies within your capacities you feel more in control of the situation and do not feel handicapped with factors uncontrollable affecting your targets. You can work around improving your wellbeing by trying to have more positive emotions and taking small little initiatives that can help you to accomplish what you want and planning your day around events rather than tasks is also very important. I suggest, do not watch the clock so that you can feel more responsibility of the events that happen to you and consequently you can feel more accomplished and an achiever for all good things that happen to you.

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