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My PhD in Retrospect

Category : General
Date : September 21, 2015

Reflection is one of the most important exercise. I have, like may completed my PhD with lots of hurdles and ups and downs. When I look back upon my journey as a PhD scholar, I miss not having the guidance at the right time. Though there was a lot information available on the technical aspects of writing effective thesis, there was not much that could help me to deal with problems that were of more emotional challenges and concerned with social issues, health concerns and family challenges during PhD. My journey was loaded with mistakes. Not few but many that I can see today in retrospect. The low phases of My PhD seemed to last much longer. For me it was a novel experience long hours of continuous study, diary entries, data analysis were some of the stuff that I had never done before in my life.

The first year of my PhD was a year I wasted in doing work I thought was very important for the sponsors. The pilot testing that I conducted was the most important study I ever did in my life and at that time it was not anything less than precious to me. However, it was a setback, at that time when my work was not a priority for them and I had to just move on without response for something I had out my heart and soul into.

I got the greatest highs of my life from staying dipped in the research process. The good results made me keep doing things further on and better understand the linkages between the theory that was existing and my outputs.

There have been a few regrets and few distractions that I wish weren’t there and I would want to discuss so you could stay away from them. Few of the main ones have been involving myself into much of teaching during my research phase which was avoidable and could reduce my stress level significantly. I wish I had not worried about my future so much while I was studying. There is always life after and outside PhD. Always remember that!!

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