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Inspirations That Help You Write Your Thesis Better

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Date : June 23, 2015

I despise those times when I have to write and nothing seems to flow out of my system. There have been times when I have started to write 5 different pieces and left them all incomplete. At times, when I sit down to write, all that comes out is complete blank and I feel like I am full of blah!!

See these few tricks that may be inspirational for you to start writing and fight those tough times when you feel like you have lost it:

Go the inspirational way: a man becomes another man‘s inspiration. The best way to get inspired is to see other people who have done inspirational things. When I see other people do things that seem impossible for a common man, I feel like popping out of my seat and doing something of my own. Use this trick in moderation, only to benefit from it and take inspiration. It may sometimes become addictive and distracting to all time keep watching other achievers.

Access TED: one of the most amazing non-profit initiatives I have come across is the TED talks. It is focused ton spreading ideas and stories worth sharing. You need to find your interest from what they put on the website. If you haven’t heard or seen TED before, do watch some of the TED talks to understand better what I am talking about. I will also leave one of the links at the end of this post so you could catch up here itself and at least read my blog complete before getting tempted to see TED talk first.

Move onto another location: it is draggy, boring and monotonous to continue writing at the same place day after day. If you haven’t thought of this before, today change you place to another and start writing. Psychologically it refreshes you up as we all by nature are change seekers. It isn’t even a bad idea to invest into some writing aids. Depending upon where you find comfort, it could range from a couch, writing chair, desk or something as small as maybe even a new and refreshing desktop for your laptop. T this is a way to shoe respect to the basic human nature of being a seeker of change.

Physical activity: move to the gym and get some blood flowing. The mind moves when the body moves. A sluggish body leads to a sluggish mind. Pick an activity of your choice or keeping switching activities according to your interest but do get into some movement to get fresh ideas. You would be surprised how a moving mind pops up brilliant ideas.

Ask yourself a question: while I am at work and not doing much, I often ask myself, “if my life was written inti a book, would I be interested to read?” I want to say a “yes” to this and that “yes “ would only come if I pushed myself that one step further and strive to do the impossible so that when I sit to write the book of my life, I am able to inspire myself and others.

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