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How to add originality to your dissertation

Category : Dissertation
Date : February 15, 2016

Stay involved: Being involved genuinely in your work, rather more in the issue that you are scrutinizing is the basis for being able to generate original work. When you will exhibit interest and involvement in your work, not only will it keep your motivation level and perseverance high but also help you to bring new insights and originality into your work.

Having a critical eye: It is not just enough to be interested but you have to show interest with a critical perspective so that when you review the existing literature you are able to extract out novel ideas and work that is genuinely worthy and valuable.

Exhaustive work: a good research is the one that gives evidence of intensive research work done and at the same time thoroughly scans the existing literature to uncover and eliminate redundant and inapplicable theories. It proves that the research is genuine.

Interesting and novel research questions: it is necessary that all good dissertations should have novelty in the questions that have been posted. It may not be possible that all the research questions be original, so in that case the writer must extract out those problems that appear to be more novel than the others. Some times that can also be done by looking at well-trodden issues with a new perspective. Remember that if you have novelty in your research questions you would eventually be able to bring out new and original findings. After all, well begun is half done!

Interdisciplinary perspective: It does work well in a lot of academic fields to have novel combinations of different types of relationships that can be established between different fields of study. It may come out to be very interesting if such relationship has not been highlighted in the past. Do it if you have the competence in more than one area of study.

An expertise in your field: Become a master in your field of study by having rich and extensive knowledge of the subject area so that you don’t get confused and lost and your knowledge acts as a road map to generate fruitful outcomes and conclusion.

Self-reliance and confidence: You cannot learn this component of research by just studying or reading hard. You need to pick up the knack of being able to trust your judgement and capability to take risk and think original and novel. Having confidence on your skills and judgement is integral to be able to generate something that is extremely novel.

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