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How Security of a Manuscript can be Ensured

Category : General
Date : July 30, 2014

By looking at the world of academic and research, t can be easily said that a research based document can not only be produced by sitting at any academic institution, but also from any government office or corporate house. These research documents are highly confidential, as most of these documents contain the kind of information, which can be used for internal purpose only. Examples of such documents can be strategic formulations of any firm, survey and analysis report for any product or service, state level planning report, reports of modification internal rules and regulation at government offices etc. These reports should be highly secured and confidential. These reports are always presented before the top management level or the government officials, and therefore, these reports are needed to be perfect from all aspects. Now, it is not possible for a single person to take care of all the aspects, and that is area, where outsourcing that document for modification purpose comes into picture. Several editorial service providers provide their clients with the service of betterment of those documents, but they need to ensure the security of that document. Now the question remains, how that security can be ensured?

Chief Editor of any editorial house is the person handing with these issues. In order to ensure the security of the document, he / she should split the document into several parts, and send those parts to several editors, who are working under him / her. In this way, none of the editors can have a full view of the document, and as devoid of viewing all those parts together, security and confidentiality of that document can be ensured totally. Once the editing is done, the Chief Editor will combine all those parts together and send to the client. For more information about various aspects of ensuring the security of a research document, kindly browse through the pages of www.24x7editing.com.

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