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Does your thesis need Substantive Editing?

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Date : July 28, 2016

For increasing the chances of approval of your thesis, opting for substantive editing is one of the most recommended advices given by editing experts. Unlike basic or intermediate level of editing, substantive editing aims to improvise the overall quality of your thesis. It is intended to fix typos, grammar, poor writing skills, incorrect references, improper paragraph structuring & formatting, ambigious meaning, appropriateness and misorganized ideas and arguments in your thesis. If needed, rewriting may be done under substantive editing, and this is why it analyses your thesis from scratch.

Let us discuss what more is covered under substantive editing:

Comprehensive Content Editing:  This is the first and the most important task of Substantive Editing. The editors look at the content of your thesis with a critical eye and evaluate it for factual validity and reliability. In the situation, where any discrepancy is found whether, in the language of your thesis or the statistical analysis conducted, all issues are rectified and improvised by an expert substantive editor.

Overall presentation: A good thesis is made up of many elements each having utmost importance. Every finest element a thesis is comprised of goes under critical review taken by the editor. For this, substantive editors go beyond the boundaries appearing upon the surface such as content, language, reference and evaluate the hidden or overshadowed aspects of your thesis which includes formatting, margins, paragraph structure, graphics, and figures.


Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that substantive editing is a complete package which leaves no room for any error so that the value of your thesis can be taken to a different level altogether. With a paucity of time and lack of editing expertise, if you seek perfection in your thesis, you must not think twice or thrice about handing over your thesis to a professional, substantive editor. It may cost you a little money, but the final edited version of your thesis would surely make you feel it was all worth it.

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