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Criteria for evaluating qualitative research

Category : Research
Date : June 3, 2014

Cross sectional research measures up in terms of criteria like reliability, replicability and validity for evaluating quantitative research. A cross sectional design basically implies collection of data on more than one case and a t one time to collect a body of quantitative or quantifiable data in connection with two more variables which could be examined to find out patterns of association.

The issues of reliability and measurement validity are concerns relating to the quality of measures that is made use of to tap the concepts for which the researcher shows interest.

Replicability is present in many cross sectional research to the extent that the researcher clearly informs procedures about:

Selecting respondents
Designing measures of concept
Administration of research instruments
Analysis of data
Internal validity is kind of week. Cross-sectional research designs give associations rather than findings through which causal inferences could be made unambiguously.

External validity is very strong when the sample form which the data is collected has been randomly selected. When non-random methods of sampling are used, there is a question put on the external validity.

As much of the cross-sectional research uses research instruments to a great extent like self-completion questionnaires and structured observation schedules. Ecological validity is endangered as they disrupt the ‘natural habitat’.

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