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Are You Planning to Go Overseas for Your PhD? Five Essential Tips

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Date : December 9, 2015

Studying abroad is a great idea for international students but you need to be aware and cautious of few things before you actually step out. Here are some tips you can keep in mind for a wonderful experience.

Spend some time in your chosen country of study: As in international student, you may face social, cultural barriers when you move to a new or strange country. There could also be some culture shocks which you may find difficult to accommodate to. If possible, extract out an opportunity to spend some time in your chosen country before you actually move into the full-fledged course. It will be easier for you to find your fit there along with other academic challenges of a PhD that you are bound to face.

Seek advice from the respective international office: As soon as you become sure that you are going to be moving to a specific country for you PhD, you should find opportunity to talk to as many people as possible to get accurate advice and support that you would need in the process. Some of the sources that you could contact could be, the international student service office at your college. There would be an international services office in the country you wish to visit so that you can get practical tips on interests and circumstances that can affect your choice and course.

Know the impact of the course on you academic life and future: Your academic advisor can be of great help to know how the course is going upgrade your academic journey and skills. You must choose your course keeping these small nuances in mind.

Know about the funding options: universities offer many options to overseas students when it comes to financing and scholarship options to encourage students to join the course. You would know how much of your personal funds you would need to invest in the course and how much you can get funded. Getting complete knowledge and clarity on this is very important so that funds do not become a bottleneck in the advanced stage of your course.

Become a proactive applicant: There are many formalities for international students with lot of documentation work required. Keep enough time margin for that so that you don’t panic at the last minute with paper work and you get enough time to gather everything for the program.

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