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The Misconceptions of Research

Category : Research
Date : May 31, 2016
A misconception or fallacy in research is an error in reasoning or judgment occurred due to mistaken or false assumptions by researcher. Every researcher must be aware of the research fallacies that might adversely affect his hypothesis, results or outcomes of research. For this, we are here describing the two most common research fallacies that […]
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You can have amazing academic success by just improving your habits

Category : Academic
Date : January 29, 2016
The education process is primarily associated with studies. How much ever effective the teaching methodology be, until you soak yourself into your books there cannot be the effective learning that should be there. If you have good study habits then there can be a lot of difference. Getting into the frame of mind: Remember it […]
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Life after PhD Needs Retraining of the Brain

Category : General
Date : January 2, 2016
In the last stage of your PhD, you are primarily absorbed into finishing the thing that has been on your mind for what seems like to be the most important journey of your life ever. With what is required and understandable, you have your complete focus into nothing else but to complete our doctoral studies. […]
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You Need to Overcome Procrastination. Here Are Some Tips!

Category : General
Date : November 14, 2015
Are you one of those who is overcoming doctoral thesis commitments? It is common to be seen doing all this when you have no one overlooking on your shoulder to check on how much time you are spending on productive writing. But this isn’t reason good enough to procrastinate. It is tough to remember this […]
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How Important It Is to Put Forward Your Claims and Arguments in the Thesis?

Category : General
Date : October 12, 2015
Have you been wondering about the importance of putting in claims in your thesis and their importance? If yes, then your another concern would be that how important and relevant it is to support those claims with substantive arguments so that the reader is convinced. Well we can understand this further by reading the post. […]
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The Value of an APA Formatting Consultation

Category : Plagiarism
Date : June 18, 2015
When you get an APA or an American Psychological Association formatting consultation, you can easily avoid plagiarism. It can be difficult to do referencing without consultation since there might be areas, where you might have doubts regarding the referencing formats at times. Getting an APA formatting consultation can help you avoid that. Referencing Referencing a […]
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Cross sectional design

Category : Data collection
Date : June 13, 2014
A cross sectional design is a collection of data pertaining to more than one case and simultaneously for the purpose of collecting quantifiable data in connection with two or variables to detect patterns of association after their examination. The cross sectional design is usually called a social survey design, but the concept of a social […]
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Integrating narrative and theory

Category : Online Editor
Date : October 31, 2013
I send Wade each of the five parts as it’s completed to give him an opportunity to review the integration of narrative material with scholarly theory. For instance, I feel we should introduce Loukas’s concept of the electrical soul in the first chapter, since Loukas’s diary portrays his childhood as the point at which he […]
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